Marketing and Advertising

The phrase marketing covers a huge area and I would be delighted to explore any of those with you - whether it is producing adverts for the press or publications; designing leaflets/flyers or organising a promotions opportunity for you.

I can come up with all sorts of ideas to improve your turnover. These could be off-the-wall having looked at the problem from a different angle to a more traditional solution to encourage increased business for you.

Event Management

Right through from concept to delivery, I have the experience and contacts to set up any type of event for you from a promotional stand at an exhibition through to a full scale hospitality event.

Editorial and Copy

I can produce editorial for you for any publication and in any style. I am particularly experienced in producing editorial to promote events and create an interest.

Press Release

A good press release can do a huge amount to promote your business. The trick is finding an angle which will create an interest with the media and therefore mean that it is used, often with a photo opportunity!

With all my years of experience, I have a great many contacts in the media and have a constantly updated Press Release Contact file.


Following an initial consultation, I am happy undertake detailed research on your place in the market, your competitors, and all the opportunities that are out there for you to exploit, to increase your business turnover.

Website Development

Everyone should have a website these days - however small the business because it is the first port of call for an increasing number of people. Costs don't have to be great, and a simple website such as this one is ideal for most small businesses and can be achieved for a very economic sum!

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