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imagine having a clear picture of what you are offering your customers.
imagine having the right promotion strategy to attract new customers.
imagine reviewing your marketing plan and knowing you've achieved your goals within your budget.
imagine using an approachable consultant who will help you with all aspects of your marketing.
imagine using imagine...

My name is Sue Harmon-Smith and I have over 22 years experience in the marketing and tourism business in the Bournemouth area - have a look at my CV for more information! I set up as a freelance marketing consultant trading as Imagine, and am delighted to already have a number of local companies as my clients.

There are many advantages to using a freelancer over an agency or employing a specialist member of staff:

  • I will charge you an hourly rate, so you only pay for whatever work I do for you and there are no hidden extras!
  • I am happy to work on a small project just as much as a large one, so for a very small business this is the ideal answer to improving your marketing without costing a small fortune
  • I am able to rapidly develop a good understanding of your business because of a close working one-to-one relationship
  • You will benefit from my existing relationship with suppliers built up over many years in the industry.
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